The world's first Action Speaker

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The World's First Action Speaker - Habib Noorbhai

Through an array of experiences as an academic, sportsman, health professional, humanitarian and speaker, Habib Noorbhai has experienced a ratio of 4:1 (speak: doing) when working with people. Habib feels that individuals and societies can only be successful if this ratio is reversed (1:4 - speak:doing). As such, Habib has become the first Action Speaker in the world. Through his action talks, he influences people/organisations to turn their ideas into action, leave the room not only with a plan of action but with a foundation for action, and how to avoid productivity killers in the workplace. His sessions are not only thought provoking but engaging, practical and figuring out your 'why'. Habib calls it: "less yada yada, more dala dala." 


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