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Dr Habib Noorbhai (Mr South Africa 2017), launched his very first book “Heart”.

The book looks at the roots of Noorbhai's life (who is now based in Cape Town) and how we all are provided with the same platform to evoke a sustainable and innovative difference in the lives of others but each and every one of us has a different path/journey.

Structured in three parts, Heart tackles the inferior vena cava (the root of his life) before delving into what he calls the superior vena cava (the meat of his career). The final instalment (the aorta) looks at the way forward for Habib and how one will find fulfilment from leading from the heart.

For Noorbhai, the aim of this masterpiece is to share and inspire people through his life journey prior to, and after Mr South Africa.

“My root is different in life. It showcases the important lessons that I have learnt, together with the fundamental experiences gained as well as the challenges and hard yards that I have faced.”

He adds: “This is not an autobiography. Rather, it is a foundation of what’s more to come, therefore my foundation (book) is called Heart.”

Through his memoir, Heart, Noorbhai hopes to inspire as many as possible to live better lives and through the book, where he communicates the art of living through humanitarianism, working smart, loving, having a balance and knowing one's purpose.

“When crowned as Mr South Africa, I was also crowned as Mr Heart, because of all the charity projects and initiatives conducted as a contestant. During my current reign as Mr South Africa, I have embarked on a campaign called 365 days of Heart, where I conduct various types of charity work, social campaigns, outreach or social media posts to inspire and provide aspiration to the youth and society,” explains Noorbhai.

He adds: “The book includes #365heart themes as footers and headers on each page. I wanted to provide quality reading material that readers can assimilate to and understand. Readers also have the opportunity to use the book as a diary to conduct acts of heart or random acts of kindness while reading updated stories of my life (1988 – 2017).”

Noorbhai hopes to make a difference in the lives of others, and this book will encourage others to do the same.

“If I can contribute towards five percent of difference-making, then for me, that would be a significant contribution, and I continue aiming to give a 110 percent. I am just an ordinary guy attempting to do extraordinary things, with a foundation of heart.”

South African scientist and researcher, Professor Tim Noakes, has written a foreword for Noorbhai's book.

“Heart is a practical guide to inspiring and empowering people to take action in their lives that will positively impact themselves and others. Habib is able to use his own life experiences and journey thus far to create something that can be used by anyone anywhere.” ~kindness.org

The book is available to the public as of Monday 27 November 2017, retailing at R280 each and can be purchased in bookstores nationwide, Amazon and Kindle.