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Habib Noorbhai - Action Speaker

Dr. Habib Noorbhai (Mr South Africa 2017) is a Lecturer/Researcher in Sports Science at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He is also a Biokineticist, Humanitarian and Speaker.

He completed a BA in Sport Psychology (UJ), Honours in Biokinetics (UKZN) and MPhil in Biokinetics (UCT). He recently completed his Doctorate of Philosophy in Exercise Science at the University of Cape Town which focused on cricket batting.

Habib has had the pleasure of working with international sports teams (Yorkshire CCC (2012), South Australian Redbacks cricket team (2010)) and volunteered as an Expert on Health24 (2012 - 2017).

In 2013, he was voted in South Africa’s top 100 brightest young minds and in 2015, he was nominated among Mail and Guardians top 200 young South Africans.

Habib also founded an NPO in 2013 called The Humanitarians, a volunteer-based organisation, whereby various community projects and programmes are conducted through sport, health, education, sustainability and innovation. These programmes are also conducted through Habib’s current reign as Mr South Africa to spearhead change and making a difference in society.

Recently, he was also included in Fast Company South Africa’s Top 30 creative people in business for 2017.



My Other Involvements

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The Humanitarians Inside Courses
We hope to create opportunities for potential collaborations with health, education, nature conservation, sporting bodies and other social welfare organisations to ensure effective and efficient delivery of humanitarian services to the general public. In the future we hope to disseminate and implement wide-spread initiates contributing to humanity in a holistic way. A novel and unique online learning platform where the trainers / instructors / teachers are all veterans and seasoned operators in their respective fields. More than just book smart, they are experienced, street and world smart.

Habib Noorbhai - Top Quote

5 key things you need to know

Do you believe everything you read? 5 key things you need to know

  • More than 80% of the answers you seek on the internet are incorrect as it has not been proved scientifically.
  • More than 70% of the time we recommend, prescribe or advise on a GENERIC basic instead of considering the person INDIVIDUALLY.
  • Individual variation and tailoring is key to obtaining optimal performance and results from your clients/patients/students.
  • The individual approach is seldom utilized due to time, effort and financial constraints.
  • Within a team or group, role play should be considered and done BEFORE tasks are performed together.

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  • It was a great pleasure to supervise Habib Noorbhai. He has unique abilities that I have not previously experienced in any of the PhD students I have assisted. I have not ever experienced this combination of personal abilities and drives in any other student. Other characteristics that I appreciated are his ability to be fearless – he is not daunted by any task he sets himself – and his desire to push the boundaries of knowledge, regardless of the personal consequences.

    ~ Prof Tim Noakes, Emeritus Professor, University of Cape Town

  • Habib was warmly welcomed by the Redbacks team and staff and fitted in well. He carried out his duties diligently and efficiently. The players and staff had only had praise for his experise and enthusiasm during the CLT20 tournament and this was much appreciated by all. Habib also showed initiative outside his core duties by assisting the support staff on training days and always doing this to the best of his abilities. During this time, Habib had been well-organised, reliable and responsible.

    ~ Simon Cain, South Australian Redbacks Cricket, 2010

  • The service that I received from Habib Noorbhai was more than satisfactory. Habib was considerate about the fact that I had limited assistance with very limited time. He was more than helpful in terms of structuring my work, checking the content, and all other features of my work. I would recommend his assistance to any other person who needs guidance in similar tasks. Mr Noorbhai was patient, understanding and encouraging at all times. I would like to thank Mr Noorbhai for his assistance with my thesis completion.

    ~ Nicholas Christelis, University of Cape Town student, 2014.

  • Whomever Habib speaks or presents to, he does so with such enthusiasm, practically and is highly adaptable to his audience and the genre. It is a pleasure to listen to his unique insights and perspectives. One can't help but feel inspired to do and be more after interacting with him.

    Taahira Goolam Hoosen, University of Cape Town, 2016